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Sports Wear

Sports WearThousands of shopkeepers and brands are seen selling shirts and other dresses with different articles in different styles, designs, and colors. Every brand, every seller claims that its stuff, its design, its brand is the best۔ But the likes and dislikes of the user of this product is a different and special aspect. With that in mind, the brand must make its product the best it can be. So that its demand is higher than other brands in the market.

Negi Sports & Fitness is Pakistan’s best and most popular brand in sports and fitness products. Which provides its products to the whole of Pakistan in the form of online supply. This includes all kinds of sports products and fitness equipment and sports fitness clothing. Negi Sports launches seasonal and export quality stuff in the market. Which is very cheap in terms of price and excellent in terms of quality.




Best Shirt for Sports Wear

As summer approaches, our focus right now is on redesigning the stuff that refreshes and warms the body in the heat of the summer season. The intense heat makes it necessary for us to wash our clothes daily. So, such a cloth is such stuff that gives comfort in extreme heat, it is a source of personality and it is not spoiled due to excessive use.

So with that in mind, Negi Sports offers affordable and lightweight, and beautifully simple design round neck Sports Wear shirts. Which is available in innumerable colors of your choice. Available in amazing quality and original size. There are sizes ranging from small size to double size XL. All sizes are up to the original international level and the fitting is excellent and looks great and attractive to sportswear.

Sports Wear in Pakistan

The shirts are made of pure 100 % cotton. The perfect fabric for summer comfort. Which also gives comfort and a beautiful design with good stitching also creates a glow in the personality. It is not hard cotton but a soft and comfortable fabric. You can wear it countless times and wash it with a washing machine or tub or by hand without any risk.

Custom Sports Shirts

Negi Sports is the largest Maker of Sports Wear and Fitness Wears, we are selling in the quantity of all kinds of sports and fitness wears. in case of any of your own Designs on Demand, we can make and stitch for you. We are specialized in sportswear stitching on any design and Fabric. just contact us via the Contact form and Post your Inquiry. our team will contact you shortly.

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