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Unisex – Heavy Duty Sweat Suit Sauna Gym Suit


  • Sauna Suit
  • Heavy Duty  Weight Loss Fitness Sauna Suit
  • Exercise Gym clothing and Anti-Rip Sauna Suit
  • Enhances Aerobic Conditioning
  • Boosts Workout Benefits
  • Relaxes Muscles and Increases Sweating
  • Waterproof and Airproof
  • Elastic Waist, Cuffs, and Ankles
Sauna Suite for Gym Free Size


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Exercise is the best activity to maintain your health and physique. One benefit of exercise is losing excess weight by burning calories. However, to achieve the objectives of the exercise, one must sweat during the activity. Sweating requires very hectic exercise.

A sauna suit helps in sweating during exercise without much effort. Thus, you can gain maximum benefits from your routine exercise. A sauna suit is made of rubberized vinyl, which can hold up under the stress of active sports and exercise. It is a special material that generates heat and helps relax body muscles, especially in winters when the body requires more time and effort to warm up.

The benefit of a Sauna Suit is that it covers your whole body, therefore generating even heat from all body parts. One should drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated when wearing this sauna suit. It is a quick way for weight loss and calorie burn. Sauna suit enhancing aerobic conditioning, and overall health and wellness during exercise.

It also helps to reduce body water retention. One size fits all. Elastic waist, cuffs, and ankles ensure a secure fit. Now you can buy this product at a very reasonable price from Negi Sports with cash on delivery in Pakistan.

The sauna slimming suit is a very useful product to get fit, slim, and lose weight, calories, fat fast as it helps the body to sweat fast and hence drop fats with the least time and effort. This Sauna Suit is a must-have not only for sports enthusiasts but also for people who walk on a regular basis for physical fitness. Sauna Suit in Pakistan is available exclusively at Our Store.


Sauna suit, a material made from PVC, with good quality. Durable and high-quality sweatsuit; Waterproof and windproof, protective. Accelerate the fat burning and make you slim.

Excellent for your gym training and losing weight as it works so quickly to get the result you want. Suitable for helping lose weight, outdoor sports, such as running, jumping, cycling and playing balls, etc. Great value for money.

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