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Pilates Stick Portable Pilates Studio Yoga Gym Exercise Resistance Bands

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Pilates sticks are commonly used in yoga, Pilates, stretching, fitness, and other training programs.

It is also very suitable for pregnant women to use after pregnancy and childbirth to maintain good health.
Portable design can be used at home, gym, or office.

You can also take it with you when you travel.

Can help you exercise muscles, hips, legs, arms, and increase flexibility.

Lightweight and effective, easy to set up, and sweat-proof design, providing an enjoyable exercise experience.


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Portable Pilates Studio Gymnastics Tyre Exercise Bar Yoga Plates Sports Condition Resistance Aerobic
Portable Pilates Studio Exercise Your Movement Kolaylaştıran Gymnastics Bar!

Portable Pilates Studio with heavy exercise without weights, sports studios much without spending money, time and appointments without dependent on your ortamında can protect your figure and your style.

Pilates movements of a large part of the stand-alone to possible perform Portable Pilates Studio, leg, hip, buttock, abdomen, and sleeve bölgelerinizi separately by running dazzling, help you stay with a body.

Gymnastics Gym Bar gymnastics with great fun! NegiSports

Fitness making latest trend Portable Pilates Studio with your body with a lot of muscle çalıştırabilir easily can get fit.

Moreover, time and space without limitation can take it anywhere you wish.

Portable Pilates Studio Gymnastics Bar limit of movements of the exercises you can do with just your imagination…

Portable Pilates Studio is quite lights and disassembled and reassembled due to easy-to-transport and functional product.

Bar removable for easy storage.

Portable Pilates Studio standing, supine lying down, and squatting separately can run your muscles.

Portable Pilates Studio Gymnastics Bar Set Includes: 1 pcs Hand Handle Double Wheel Metal Bar 1 Pcs Hands-On Exercise Catalog

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 8 × 5 in
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