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fitness tips for weight loss

Losing weight is often a long and heavy road. Maintaining it is also a matter of changing habits, and how is it achieved? Today we give you 10 fitness tips for weight loss to achieve it.

Include The Activity In Your Daily Routine:

It seems like a no-brainer, right? It is not enough to say, “this week I kill myself to run”; no, it is about introducing the activity into your every day. Climb stairs, walk that small section that separates you from your destination, go for a walk, be active! Shake off laziness. We all know that active people tend to stay slimmer, and sometimes they are not the ones who do the most NEGISPORTS.

Keep Fixed Schedules In Your Diet:

What you eat is as important as the time you eat it. A regular schedule makes your body always maintain the same energy levels and “know” when the next intake is coming. In addition, not skipping any meal means that you do not feel an empty stomach and end up “gorging yourself” in the next one.

Sleep 8 Hours a Day:

Before, it was believed that the more you slept, the less you lost weight because while at rest, hardly any calories are burned, but several studies have found that while you sleep, you burn the calories necessary to maintain your vital functions (basal metabolism) and also the burning of fat is greater. If we sleep for 5 hours, we lose the same calories as if we sleep for 8 hours, but fat burning is cut in half.

Play Sports:

Yes, dear reader, sport is essential to lose weight and maintain yourself. But it does not have to be boring. Choose a sport that you like and motivates you, practice it in a company, if laziness attacks you, do a short session to keep you active and if all this does not work you can choose a couple of exercises and do them in a break throughout the day (50 squats + 50 jumping jacks, for example).

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Don’t Buy Junk Food:

This rule is essential. If you don’t want to eat junk food, don’t buy it directly. If you have some in the pantry, throw it in the trash. You don’t even remember it when you don’t have junk food at home. If the craving for sweets attacks you, you can have a banana or any other fruit that you like. You will surely find some healthy cravings in your fridge if you desire something salty.

Weigh YourSelf One Day a Week:

This means weighing themselves very often; for others, it is very little. We believe it is the perfect frequency to know our weight loss pattern. If you weigh yourself once a week, you do not obsess about the weight or what you eat each day (yesterday I had a beer, and today I weigh 300g more), but you maintain control over your habits, diet, exercise, and weight.

Make a (Simple) Journal Of Your Diet And Exercise:

It is not about writing down every gram that you eat, but in general about following some guidelines and writing down what we do every day. This makes us aware of what we eat and the exercise we do. Surely the first week we will be surprised with the results. After a few weeks of aiming, we will know perfectly what makes us lose or gain weight. Becoming aware of our habits is essential to strengthen or change them.

Compensate For Excesses With Sport:

If you have dinner with friends or go to a birthday party on Friday night, make up for the excesses with sports. Sometimes, it is unnecessary to do it on the same day but the same week. An extra session of running or cardio will make up for that little extra calorie intake.

Share Your Achievements:

To share fitness tips for weight loss is to live! We all know the satisfaction of losing weight and getting in shape, so why not share those achievements with your friends? This will keep you motivated and help you keep going and stick with it.


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